Conductual, The Electronic Journal of Interbehaviorism and Behavior Analysis
Conductual, La revista sobre Interconductismo y Análisis de Conducta
Conductual, the academic journal
Conductual, la revista académica

The International Journal of Interbehaviorism and Behavior Analysis

Welcome to Conductual

Conductual is an international electronic journal (ISSN 2340-0242) nonprofit, strictly dedicated to the dissemination of the theory and research-based of interbehavioral psychology and behavior analysis.

The access to all the journal content is free and under an open Creative Commons license. Conductual is published in the original language of its contributors (Spanish and English, and Portuguese or other languages in their near future). 

To know more about the journal, please contact us if you are interested in publishing or helping with the journal.

We strongly would appreciate your comments and possible improvements that can help us to provide a better quality journal.